She Cried All Night (Lessons Learned)

She cried all night

Appearances can be deceiving

As the story went, one of our more experienced bail bondsmen got the call from a relative. 21 year old Jane Doe was in the lock up. He shuttled himself in the late hours to the jail. “She’s been crying all night”, the sheriff said. It seemed one of those rare cases where someone got caught up in the system and just needed out and back to the comfort of friends and family.

“It looked like the idea bail” related the bondsman. “We like this aspect of the job. People make mistakes. We don’t judge people. Things happen and we’re here to help. People have a constitutional right to bail”

Bail bond agents…are usually in the business to cater to criminal defendants, often securing their customers’ release in just a few hours.- wikipedia

While bail bondsmen are a part of the legal process to ensure a defendant returns to court, most of them consider themselves constitutional enforcers- defending the constitutional rights of their clients


While filling out the paperwork, the bondsman explains to the young lady the conditions of her release. The necessity of being in before 11pm each night and checking in each week.

“Don’t lecture me, I get that from my grandmother!” She pined.

Things really took a turn for the worse. The picture of this woman went from damsel in distress to that of a hardened criminal.

When bailing a client it is important to view their prior criminal history. Never go on feelings is a motto we use in the rental business. So often potential clients know how to say all the right things and act the right way, but the FACTS of their life follow them and reveal the true nature of the individual. If you neglect the facts, you are setting yourself up for failure.


In the end her relative called three days later and asked that the bail bond be revoked. From a financial point of view, this situation worked out. The bondsman recieved the bond payment and in as little as three days he was clear of her responsibility. However, this situation could of been much different. Be on guard the next time you encounter the one who “cried all night”

Written by Mike Haskins, Bondsman in Chesterfield, VA



She cried all night.. (not actual client)