Urgent invitation to all Bail agents and Recovery agents in VA

Our incomes, our very livelihoods are under an increasing
and accelerating attack.

Will you help fight back?  Here is Step 1…

Please subscribe today. Please encourage every other bail or recovery agent you know to do the same.

( or scroll down if you are on a smart phone)

(or scroll down if you are on a smart phone)

If we don’t stand together, we will not stand at all!

Our new Association now has this finished, truly functional website to help us promote our industry and protect the public from the abuses and added expenses of pretrial service bureaucracies.

You are invited visit here often, or you can visit our VBA Facebook page. However…

There are times when we will have urgent messages regarding meetings, legislation, and other matters that may affect you. If you would like to be sure of staying “in the loop,” please take just a couple of minutes to Subscribe for Email and Text Messages in the form to the right….

Here are just a few of the top reasons it is in all bail agents best interests to join:

  1. Our industry, and therefore our livelihoods, are under sustained and formidable attack by advocates of pretrial release services.
  2. We can have significant influence if we are united in our new Virginia Bail Association and we have as many active members as possible.
  3. We need money to pay for our lobbying efforts and other plans to promote goodwill toward the proven method of pretrial release implemented by bail bondsmen.

It’s a simple 3-step process to do your part and benefit from our site:

  1. Join
  2. Choose one of two online options  for your  dues subscription
  3. Create a professional listing

Then, invite others to do the same!