Bail Reform – Is there another side to the argument?

Please share this with your judges and policy makers. Here is what a well informed, experienced judge, Craig DeArmond, Chief Judge, Fifth Judicial Circuit, has to say about “the Kool-Aid of no money bail reform.”

Just a couple of excerpts:

Was I the only one who felt like we were being asked …, no, told we had to drink the Kool-Aid of no money bail reform or face eternal damnation?

It is unfortunate although understandable that a significant  portion of the material opposing no money bail comes from the  commercial surety industry because that will undoubtedly be the basis  for any attack on a contrary position. “They are only out to save their  jobs” is an easy way of discrediting the information without reading the  research or studies. For those of you who disagree with me, I  understand it is no different than “they are only out to promote their  socially progressive agenda”; the difference being, I’m asking you to  investigate both sides, not just one. Look at the actual research and the  cases and consider the fact that the system we use has been in  operation for hundreds of years, in over 99% of the jurisdictions, with  fairly successful results. Is it perfect, no; but what system run by  humans ever is? Does our Supreme Court require perfection? No,  thankfully it does not. Does it even make logical sense that fewer people  will fail to appear, commit more crimes, or comply with bond conditions  if we just don’t make them post bond? Did it make any sense to you at  15  all when we heard that one of the primary reasons people don’t show up  for court is because we don’t call them the day before? There are many  more sources of information and statistics out there; you just have to  look for them.

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