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Bail Bond Studies


Pretrial Release, A Failed System
12 page booklet

The Effectiveness and Cost of Secured and Unsecured Pretrial Release in California’s Large Urban Counties: 1999-2000
By Michael K. Block, Ph.D., Professor of Economics and Law, University of Arizona (March 2005).

The Fugitive: Evidence on Public Versus Private Law Enforcement from Bail Jumping
By Eric Helland, Claremont-McKenna College and Alexander Tabarrok, George Mason University, Published in University of Chicago Journal of Law and Economics (April 2004).

Warnken Report on Pretrial Release
by the Maryland Bail Bond Association, Prepared by Professor Byron L. Warnken, University of Baltimore School of Law (February 2002).

*Thank you to Lexington National Insurance Corporation for providing this information.

Felony Defendants in Large Urban Counties

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