Business Services

Whether you are running an IT service, finance service or any other kind of business, you need to have certain services to keep your company going. These services are called Business services and are not related to the production of any physical product but are essential to a successful business enterprise. These include, mediclaim, banking facilities, communication services, transport facilities and more.

The term ‘Business services’ is very broadly defined and includes all kinds of support that a company needs to function. Some of these are provided by the internal departments of a company while others may be outsourced to third parties. Some of the most important Business services are Information Technology (IT), finance, procurement, shipping, etc. Depending on the size of a company, some of these may be provided by the entire organisation while others might be outsourced.

Defining Business services involves understanding the needs, wants and expectations of customers. This is a vital process in designing successful Business services as it helps to ensure that the right Services are delivered to the right people at the right time. Using the techniques of Service Design can help to achieve this, by identifying who the customers are and what their service requirements are. This then helps to translate these into simple, measurable and achievable Service components. This is a crucial step in the success of Business services, especially as Business services are constantly evolving and changing to meet the customer’s requirements.