Home Improvement Ideas Before You Sell Your Home

Home improvement

Home improvement is a huge industry. TV schedules are packed to the brim with shows like Fixer Upper and This Old House, but it’s one thing to watch a show and quite another to take the plunge and actually renovate your own home. Home improvement projects can be expensive, and the return on investment varies greatly. If you’re planning on selling your home, it’s important to choose renovations that will appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. And it’s also wise to avoid going into debt for your home improvements, which can add up quickly and can leave you with a negative equity position once you do decide to sell.

While many major renovations have cooled off since the end of the Covid pandemic, homeowners remain interested in upgrading their homes. As prices have increased, homeowners have been forced to prioritize their remodeling plans. But according to market data firm Circana, the pullback in big-ticket remodels is primarily due to rising costs and not any lack of interest in improving their living spaces.

A good place to start is with smaller, inexpensive projects that can refresh a space and give it a new ambiance. For example, replacing old windows will improve your home’s energy efficiency and help reduce your utility bills. It’s also a smart idea to focus on improving your bathroom and kitchen, as those are the rooms that typically offer the greatest return on investment. However, you should be careful not to overbuild your home, meaning adding amenities that exceed the value of other homes in your neighborhood.