A Career in Financial Services

Financial services provide an avenue for people to invest in goods, services and businesses. They also enable individuals to purchase consumer products through hire purchase. The financial services industry consists of banks, building societies and mortgage banks; credit unions; credit-card companies; insurance companies; and other firms engaged in financial intermediation such as securities brokers and investment funds.

The financial sector enables the government to raise short-term funds for both revenue and capital expenditure through the money market. The industry is also able to meet long-term funding requirements through the capital market, which provides for the sale of government securities and other financial instruments.

A career in financial services is often well-paid, especially when you enter the field at a later stage in your career. As a result, many professionals in this sector have a balanced lifestyle between work and personal life. In addition, positions in the financial industry are usually secure and offer flexibility, as the global nature of these jobs means that your location is not always a concern.

Additionally, companies in this industry tend to be heavily invested in their employees and provide opportunities for education. This means that there is plenty of room for advancement, and firms are known to promote from within based on merit rather than tenure. This makes the financial services industry an excellent choice for young professionals who are looking to advance their careers quickly. The Phyton Talent Advisors team regularly meets with professionals in the financial services industry and finds that they are generally happy with their careers.