Business Services

Business services

Business services are a broad category of business activities that benefit companies without producing physical products. These service providers provide marketing, production, safety, cost and convenience benefits to companies of all sizes.

In the difficult economic times, consumers tend to cut back on services to save money. If you want to build a profitable service business, you have to think about how your customers perceive your services, and how to make them more valuable.

Product-oriented businesses usually produce a tangible product that they sell in the marketplace. These businesses often have a brand name that helps distinguish their product from other brands in the same industry.

Pure service businesses do not have a brand name and instead develop a reputation for the type of service they offer. These include airlines, banks, computer service bureaus, law firms, and plumbing repair companies.

Logistics and warehousing are another set of business services that are vital to the functioning of a company. These services help companies get their products to their customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Real estate and land management are other important business services that can have a big impact on the success of a business. A real estate agent or firm can find workspaces for a company and negotiate rental agreements with landlords.

Utility services are also essential for a business to run smoothly. These services provide water, electricity and gas for the workplace.

In addition to these general types of business services, there are specialized service industries that cater to specific needs of companies. For example, a solar panel installer will charge a commercial customer based on the amount of energy they use. A pest control business will help a company deal with occasional infestations of insects.