Definition of Law


Law is a system of rules and regulations that people use to protect their rights, secure justice, and defend themselves from harm. It also shapes how citizens feel about what is right and wrong in their society.

Definition of Law

There are many different kinds of laws, which are made by a government and must be followed or face punishment. Some are very simple, such as not stealing, while others have more complex punishments.

John Austin defines Law as a set of rules that people must follow. These are designed to give people a sense of what is right or wrong and make sure that everyone is treated equally.

The realist school of law (also known as the sociological school of law) focuses on how law actually works and its effects. This approach reflects the view of some scholars that law is a tool of social control, and that it is necessary to make people understand that laws do not always serve their interests.

Dean Roscoe Pound’s definition of law is that it is a tool of social engineering, balancing conflicting wants in society.

The neo-realistic school of law is a branch of sociology that studies the process by which law is formed and developed. This school identifies the rudimentary forms of legal norms and legal actions that are present in all legal institutions, and traces their development until they become law. These rudimentary forms of law are then examined to determine their origin and significance.