Home Improvement – How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Home improvement

Home improvement is any renovation or remodel project that enhances a dwelling house. It can include remodeling or installing anything from new appliances, flooring and lighting to a fresh coat of paint or even an outdoor deck or gazebo. Home improvements also include projects that are done to the exterior of a home such as landscaping, paving, a new driveway and any other work that improves the curb appeal.

Homeowners often undertake home improvement projects with an ulterior motive, namely, they hope the upgrade will add value to their property. A few well-chosen and tasteful renovations can certainly do just that, but some projects actually detract from a home’s value, according to real estate professionals.

Some of the home improvements that are surging in popularity right now include painting and yardwork, as well as any work to make a home more energy efficient. These improvements are popular with homeowners because they not only help save money, but they may also yield tax credits if the work is done correctly.

A simple way to spruce up a room is by adding an accent wall with a vibrant shade of paint. A gallon of paint costs only about $30, so it’s a relatively inexpensive DIY project that makes a big impact. Another great addition to any home is new lighting fixtures, which can instantly transform a space. Installing a new ceiling light fixture can be as easy as removing the old one and screwing in a new light fixture, or you can go all out and get a chandelier.