How to Write a Good News Article

A news article is a piece of information about current events, often written in a timely manner. These articles can be found in a newspaper, magazine or online. Regardless of the medium, news articles should be factual, but should also be engaging. If they are not interesting, people will not want to read them or share them.

The type of news stories that make the cut will differ between societies, but generally all news must meet certain criteria. The news must be important and must be able to be presented in a brief period of time. It should also be current; it is not very helpful to report a story about a fire that happened a week ago.

In addition to the usual requirements of newsworthiness, a good news article should include a quotation from someone involved in the event or issue. This is to add a human element to the piece and make it more interesting for readers. If possible, the quotes should be from a prominent figure in the area covered by the news. It is also a good idea to use a person’s full name rather than their initials, but this may not always be practical or possible in some cases.

The news article should be clear and concise. If too much unnecessary information is included, the article will be confusing and may not make sense. Similarly, if the article is too long, readers may get bored or lose interest. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that the most important information is placed above the fold – this refers to the crease in a newspaper which would mean that the top part of the story can be seen without scrolling down.