Relationships – What Are Healthy Relationships?


Relationships are all about the people we share life with. These may be family members, friends or romantic partners. Whether they are long term or short term, healthy relationships have many common characteristics.

Healthy relationships have mutual respect and trust. They involve open communication where the partners listen to each other without judgement and communicate honestly. This includes communicating effectively about sex and intimacy for those in romantic relationships. They also make it a point to consistently make time for each other and remember details about each other’s lives. They work collaboratively as a team rather than as two self serving individuals.

They encourage the best parts of each other. This can be as simple as encouraging the quiet side of your partner if you tend to be more outgoing or helping them to learn to appreciate their inner peace when you want to take things a little faster than they do. Likewise, it can also be as complex as finding a way for the Type A and Type B personalities in your relationship to find balance.

Intimacy is important for both partners in a healthy relationship. This can be physical, such as sex for those in romantic relationships, but it can also be emotional or mental. Emotional intimacy can include cuddling, kissing, and hugging. It can also mean talking, listening, and resolving disagreements.

People in healthy relationships are often happy. This is partly because they are being supported by the people they care about, but it could also be because a loving partner activates certain areas of the brain that promote happiness.