The Best Way to Play Poker

Poker is a game where players bet against one another by placing chips in a pot after each round of betting. The goal is to win the most poker hands (and therefore money) by making other players fold their cards. Poker was developed in America around 1875 and soon spread to other countries. It’s often described as a game of chance, but it requires the twin elements of luck and skill to win over the long term.

A key skill to learn is to understand your opponent’s range of possible hands. While beginner players will try to put their opponents on a hand, more advanced players will work out the entire scale of hands that their opponent could have and bet accordingly.

Generally speaking, the best strategy is to play aggressively with your strong hands. Especially in late positions, you should bet fast with your strong poker hands to build the pot and discourage other players from calling your raises with weak or marginal hands.

Having a premium opening hand like Aces, Kings or Queens is a great way to get the ball rolling. The top players typically ramp up their aggression with these types of hands to maximise their chances of winning a big pot.