The Close Relationship Between Technology and Science


Science and technology share a close relationship. However, the close relationship can obscure important differences between them. While science is concerned with scientific principles and problems, technology focuses on issues not found in science. Some philosophers have argued for the democratization of technology and the inclusion of ordinary people in the development of technological innovations.

Technology has many applications in everyday life. People use technology to exchange ideas, express themselves, and find information. It helps businesses deliver products and services on time and within budget. For example, mobile phone companies use high-end technology to create new electronic devices and gain a competitive edge. Many people also use technology to enhance their lives.

While technology and science differ in philosophy, they are closely related. Science, which requires experiments, is dependent on technology to set up and gather data. Without it, modern science would not be able to study phenomena. Although philosophy has an important role in determining the nature of technological innovations, it does not supplant philosophy.

One of the most important uses of technology is in the field of manufacturing. This process involves the creation of machines and products that are more efficient and safe. Technology can also be used in space flight.