The Different Types of News


News is the dissemination of information and ideas that affect the public. It may be about anything. For example, a new discovery about insects could make headlines in a specialist journal but might not be interesting to the general public. However, this discovery could have major implications and become newsworthy when it is covered by a general news broadcast.

People find news more exciting when it involves something that affects them directly. For instance, a story involving violence or scandal will be more interesting to readers if they have experienced it personally. People also take more interest in stories involving familiarity and proximity. In addition, timely news items are more likely to receive extensive coverage.

Other categories of news include entertainment stories involving celebrity figures, showbiz, human interest, animals, and humor. Entertainment stories often feature witty headlines and entertaining photographs. They may also be categorized as drama stories. A drama story might have a dramatic arc, or a dramatic ending. Another subcategory is “follow-up stories.” These are often follow-ups to topics that were previously covered. They may include information about the power elite, such as politicians, business leaders, and celebrities. They may also feature extreme behaviors, or events that affect the public.

While surprise is the most valuable type of news, there are many other kinds. Entertainment and bad news are also significant. The Mail and the Metro, in particular, were dominant in this category. The Sun was also the most notable newspaper for stories related to celebrity.