What Is Fashion?

Fashion is the term used to describe the industry that creates clothing, footwear and accessories. It also describes the styles, aesthetics and trends that come and go. It is a highly influential industry and its changes can be rapid and wide-ranging. Fashion is often a marker of cultural and social change.

Fashion changes often occur because of cultural and environmental influences, but they can also be driven by new developments in material technology or the desire to experiment with a novel style. Fashion is also a form of self-expression and an indication of social class, status and group affiliations. It is also a form of visual art, and it can be represented through paintings, sculptures and even the design of buildings.

Some people may find it difficult to define what constitutes fashion. Some fashion designers claim that their designs are purely based on innate taste and instinct, while others may argue that it is a mixture of various factors including economics, cultural influence, the time period in which one lives and even the mood of the day.

It is important to be descriptive when talking about Fashion, especially when describing a specific outfit. Using descriptive adjectives, such as slimming and flowing, can help convey the meaning of the garment. Also, it is important to be consistent when referring to the different aspects of Fashion. For example, when describing the cut of a dress, it is important to use the correct terminology such as empire line, babydoll and midi. This will not only ensure consistency, but it will also improve the credibility of your essay.