What is Fashion?

Fashion is the act of expressing one’s taste in clothing, accessories and makeup. It is a way of self-expression that has evolved from the days when clothes were a tool used to display wealth and status.

It is a social phenomenon that is reflected in everything from music and art to books and movies, as well as in the way people dress. It is also an extension of a person’s personality, as it can be both understated or high-energy.

The term “fashion” can connote difference or sameness, as in the words “the fashions of the 1960s,” implying that there was general uniformity throughout the era. This can make it difficult to trace how a particular style arose in a specific period, or even how it was influenced by that era.

There are many theories about how fashions are created and disseminated. The most popular is the trickle-down theory, which suggests that individuals of higher socioeconomic status create and promote new styles, then those with lower economic status follow these trends.

Another popular fashion theory is the diffusion model, which explains how new styles are introduced to different cultures and communities. These new styles are then spread by those who are seen as fashion leaders, such as influencers on Instagram (Barker, 2021).

The global fashion industry faces significant challenges amid supply-chain disruption, patchy demand and persistent pressure on the bottom line. McKinsey analysis of global data in the fashion sector projects relatively slow sales growth, weighed down by a contraction in the European market and inflation in China and the United States.