What Is Fashion and How Does It Affect Us?


Fashion is a worldwide industry, encompassing design, production, retail and marketing. It has a profound impact on the world, not only in terms of personal style but also in economy, culture and technology. It is a global phenomenon, reflecting the changing attitudes towards beauty and self-image and influencing social change. Fashion reflects the current trends in clothing, but it is not only limited to clothes; jewelry, shoes, bags, and accessories reflect the latest styles as well. It is a continuous process of taste-tasting and following up to create new trends.

In order for something to be considered as a trend in the field of fashion, it must have wide popular acceptance. For that reason, it is impossible to know who started a particular style of clothing or even if there was a single person wearing that outfit at the time it became popular. Generally speaking, a certain style becomes fashion after it has been in the spotlight and sported by celebrities or models.

Fashion reaches into all aspects of life; the way people dress, the food they eat and the music they listen to is affected by it. It can be an understated whisper or a high-energy scream, and it can even have political implications. Judges wear robes, soldiers wear uniforms and brides wear white dresses—all of these are examples of clothing as a form of identification and tradition. In addition, it has the power to bring out an inner delight in the individual.