What is Fashion?


Fashion Style:

Choosing the right clothing can make or break a look. Balance in colors, fabric texture, and body shape is key to creating the perfect dress or outfit.

It is also important to know what goes with what, and how a dress or outfit can be complemented by accessories. A good designer will take all of these things into account, making the entire outfit look more complete and appealing to the eye.

Fashion has become a multibillion-dollar global enterprise. It encompasses the designing, manufacturing and selling of clothes.

The term “fashion” is derived from the French word la mode, meaning style. Early fashion designers were primarily women, but today men have made an impression as well.


Generally speaking, fashion means a way of behaving that a discernable proportion of a group temporarily adopts and which is perceived to be socially appropriate for the time and place. This can vary significantly among different groups, depending on age, gender, socioeconomic status, occupation, and geography.

It is often cyclic in nature. It begins as a trend, which is then popular, and eventually loses its popularity and goes out of style. Some styles may come back into fashion in the future. This can be triggered by new discoveries of exotic countries, for example. In many cultures, fashions change very rapidly. For example, during the eighteenth century Europe favored Turkish clothing at one point and Chinese at another. These changes were often viewed as signs of societal change.