What Is News?


Generally, news is information about things happening in the world. In addition, news is often about famous people, political issues, or scandals.

Many news agencies gather news from around the world, and then distribute it to various users. These agencies share costs with subscribers. But most news printed and broadcast in the world comes from a few major agencies, including Agence France-Presse in France, the Associated Press in the United States, and Reuters in Great Britain.

In order to choose a story for the news, the news agency must choose a story that is unique, interesting, and relevant to the audience. It also needs to be important.

Stories with an element of surprise are also newsworthy. In addition, news agencies often make their news stories exclusive. These stories are not available to other media, and are usually generated by the news agency. The competition for exclusives involves advertisers, proprietors, and reporters.

News stories can also be positive or negative. A story can have positive overtones, such as a new beer brand, or it can have negative overtones, such as a man biting his dog.

News values are different in different societies. In addition, news values are influenced by external influences, including the belief systems of journalists and public relations professionals. These include the role of “spin doctors” and the role of advertisers.

The news value of a story may also be determined by the audience’s reaction to it. If the audience reacts negatively to the news, it may be deemed bad news. If the audience reacts positively to the news, it may be considered good news.