What Is News?

News is the information that is published in newspapers, radio and television about recent events.

It can be about anything that people are interested in at the moment, whether that is an event on a local or international scale or something that is happening within a particular department of a company. It is important to write news articles that are easy to read and understand by the widest possible audience, as well as being informative.

In the UK, we use a set of criteria to determine whether something is news or not. These criteria are called news values, and the higher the value, the more interesting the story.

The criteria are based on how the news value is perceived to be in relation to four things: what the news means for society, what makes it unusual, what the news is about and the level of interest in the subject.

Moreover, the importance of certain values can vary from society to society and from time to time. For example, if a farm wall collapsed killing a cow and a pig, that would be interesting to some societies, but not to others.

The values of these factors can also change depending on where they are reported, who is reporting them and how they fit into the news organisation’s agenda. The value of the story can fluctuate, especially in the quality press, due to factors such as the news organisation’s position in the workplace hierarchy and its political ties, as well as a combination of social, educational, ideological and cultural influences on the journalists involved.