What Is News?

News is information about current events. It may be communicated through word of mouth, the printing press, postal systems, broadcasting or electronic communication networks.

The things that make the most interesting news are those that affect a large number of people, or are particularly significant. For example, the assassination of a prominent politician or the explosion of a nuclear device would be major events that would probably be reported.

In addition to the main facts, good news articles often include details about how the event affected those involved, as well as quotes from experts and witnesses. This can help to make the story more engaging and gives readers a better understanding of what happened.

People are also interested in the activities of famous people. The lives of celebrities are frequently a source of news, especially if they seem to be falling out of favour or embroiled in scandal. The weather is also a source of interest, especially if it is very unusual, or causes disruption. Food and drink is another subject that is of concern to many, so stories about shortages, gluts, crop diseases or the launch of new foods and drinks are likely to make the news.

A good news article should be brief so that it is easily accessible, clear so that the reader can understand what has happened, picturesque so that they will want to read it and accurate so that they will believe it. It should also be unbiased and free of personal bias.