What Makes Newsworthy?

News is information about current events that are considered important enough to be reported by the media. It could include such items as political scandals, natural disasters or even celebrity news. It is important that the information presented in News is factually accurate, but it also needs to be interesting. Otherwise, people will not want to read it or share it with others.

What makes a story newsworthy varies from society to society. For example, in a society where dogs are eaten (at feasts), it will probably not be news that a man bites a dog. However, in a society where it is not unusual to see a person riding on the back of a pig, it will probably be news.

Some of the factors that make a story newsworthy are surprise, impact, magnitude and relevance. It is usually the case that stories of a major nature or significance are given prominence, either on front pages of newspapers, at the beginning of television and radio news bulletins or in prime-time slots.

A good news article will provide all of the necessary details about the event described, including the most relevant facts and who was involved. It should also present a clear, concise lead statement that tells the reader what the news is about. Often, the conclusion of a news article will be a restatement of the lead statement and also mention any potential future developments that might occur in relation to the original topic.