What Makes the News?

News is information that has happened recently, is interesting and significant, about people. It may also be about the weather, natural disasters or environmental issues. It can also be about celebrity, sports, politics and religion. It can also be in-depth news which covers a particular subject by researching it extensively.

What makes the news varies across societies, but most of the time people and things are the centre of interest. What happens to a person, such as their health or their wealth, is of interest because it changes them and their environment. What they say or do is also of interest, particularly if it goes against society’s generally accepted norms.

The weather is newsworthy because it can affect daily life and people’s plans. Food and drink is newsworthy because everyone wants to have enough to eat, so stories about crops, harvests and price fluctuations are of interest. People’s hobbies and interests are newsworthy too – their participation in musical, dance and theatre productions, their achievements at sport, their travels and their relationships make for good news. People are also interested in the lives of famous and well-known people, their homes and their jobs. It is also interesting to read about their financial and personal problems and scandals.

It is important to know the audience for a news story and to focus on the information they need most. It is also important to be aware of bias in news sources. There are many websites that help readers understand the different types of bias and suggest ways to get accurate, well sourced, verified information.