How to Find a Career in Financial Services

Financial services encompass a wide range of economic services: investment banking, securities brokerage and underwriting, credit management, debt and equity capital markets, money market, mutual fund and hedge funds, insurance (including life, property and casualty), financial leasing and asset management, and global payment networks and companies. They also include ancillary services such as tax filing and auditing, money transfer and exchange services, and reinsurance.

With the advent of digital technology, people have more options than ever for borrowing, saving and investing. But this can create confusion around the benefits of these tools, as well as challenges with managing debt and money management. In addition, stricter regulations and higher expenses have made it harder for banks and other financial institutions to retain and attract customers. That’s why excellent customer service is so important to the financial services industry.

A healthy financial services sector allows individuals to borrow to buy homes and cars, save for retirement and other goals, protects them against health and property loss or damage, and supports business activity that helps local economies grow and thrive. It provides millions of jobs, and makes a real difference in the lives of people everywhere.

Whether you’re starting out as an entry-level teller or moving up to an executive role, the right job in this industry can pave the way for you. But you need to know how to find the best one for your career. And that’s where we come in.