What Is Technology?

Technology encompasses the tools, systems and processes that transform engineering, science, medicine, agriculture, business and other disciplines into a cohesive and effective means of accomplishing tasks. Technological advancements and developments can also empower a company to step ahead of its competitors and gain an edge in the industry by easing operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Technology involves a complex mix of elements and processes ranging from the simple to the sophisticated. It includes the creation of tools and instruments for making, transforming, transmitting and interpreting information, as well as for providing a mechanism that allows people to make better decisions. It also enables them to control and direct their environment, resources and activities in ways that meet human needs.

The term technology derives from two Greek words: techne (art, skill or craft) and logos (the way, mode or method by which something is gained). The word has long been a useful catch-all for a wide range of techniques that help humans achieve their goals. The revolutions in agriculture and in sanitation have helped to fuel the population explosion; bows and arrows, gunpowder and nuclear explosives have changed how war is waged; the computer and microprocessor have made a vast difference in our ability to write, read, bank, operate businesses, conduct research, communicate and educate ourselves.

There are also smaller innovations that can add up to a significant improvement in technology, such as upgrading software versions or releasing security patches. This type of incremental technology is often overlooked, but it can make a real difference in improving the user experience and boosting productivity.