How to Write a News Article


News is a form of communication that provides new and unusual information to people. It travels through a variety of different media including radio, television and the Internet.

The basic assumption of journalism is that news consists of all current events which are of interest to the people and which are not known outside. It is therefore important to know how to collect, present and interpret news.

When writing a news article, you need to research the topic extensively. This will help you to make sure your information is accurate and relevant.

Your lead should be a one-sentence statement that describes the main facts and information you will cover in your article. The lead will also give the reader a preview of the rest of the story and allow them to decide if they want to read it or not.

Once you’ve written your lead, it is time to start the actual article. You’ll write the story line and include all of the main facts in chronological order.

You’ll also include quotes from people you interviewed as well. This is a great way to help your readers to understand the information you’ve presented in your article and to make it easier for them to absorb.

It is also important to have someone else read your news article before it goes out to the public. This will give you an extra set of eyes to check for any mistakes and grammatical errors.