What Is a Team Sport?

A Team sport is any sport that requires a group of players, on one or more teams, working together towards a common goal, such as beating the opposing team. Examples of team sports are football, rugby league, association football, handball, water polo, cricket, lacrosse and rowing.

Team sports teach children the value of working with others to reach a common goal. It also helps them learn to appreciate the strengths of their teammates, rather than being focused solely on their own abilities. This can help them become more supportive, patient and optimistic people both on and off the field.

Another important skill learned through team sports is learning how to deal with disappointment. No matter how much we practice or how well we play, not every game will go our way. Whether we win or lose, team sports teach us to accept defeat gracefully and be proud of the effort that we put forth.

In addition, participating in team sports teaches children how to manage their time effectively. They will often have to work around school, homework, practices and family responsibilities to make it all happen. This is a great preparation for the types of responsibilities they will face as adults in their careers and lives. Kids will also learn a variety of new movement skills, which is good for their overall health and well-being. The running, jumping and kicking involved in team sports build up their cardio-respiratory capacity while toning their muscles.