What Is News?


News is anything that happens in the world or in a particular area of culture which would be of interest to people. It should be put before them briefly so they can read it, clearly so they can appreciate it, picturesquely so they can remember it and accurately so they can be guided by its light.

It must be new, interesting, significant and about people.

The assassination of Mrs Gandhi is not a news story, because it has happened before and has been reported elsewhere. But if facts about the assassination were discovered for the first time, then that could be a story which is of interest to the public.

It must be significant and about people, because it is important for society to know what is going on in the world. This might be a crime, the death of an important person or a war.

Often a news story is about money, so it might be a scandal about a businessman losing his fortune. This can be a big deal and is usually worth reporting in the newspapers.

A car killing a chicken, a pig or a child is also likely to be news because it can affect the lives of people. If it is an unusual event, like the discovery of a new insect living on rice, it may not be of great interest to everyone, but if the pest has been threatening crops, then it could be of huge importance.