How Technology is Used in Our Daily Lives


Technology is the systematic application of knowledge to achieve a practical goal. It is a multi-disciplinary subject and is widely used in many areas such as science, medicine, industry, communication, and transportation. Technology is an integral part of daily life. Its many applications span many fields and are indispensable to our daily lives. Here are some of the most common technologies that are used today. 1. Information and communication technology (ICT): This technology uses computers to make communication easier.

Innovation in technology is the driving force behind economic growth. Since 88 percent of economic growth occurs due to technological progress, understanding technology is essential to understand the economy. For example, the invention of the iPad has made marking exams easier for teachers. Also, most students have access to computers, which make a paperless classroom possible.

Technology is used by many businesses to remain competitive. It helps them develop new products and provide services within budgets and on time. Mobile phone companies use high-end technology to create new electronic devices. These innovations give them an edge over competitors. It can also help inspire a passion for careers in technology. With the use of technology, many businesses are able to meet their goals and remain profitable.

A key advantage of technology is its reusable nature. Once it has caught on, it has a low barrier of entry to adoption. This makes it exponentially scales its impact on behavior. In the case of televisions, for instance, people became addicted to constant visual stimulation. In the same way, social media websites have exponentially scaled one-way parasocial relationships.